My Latest for Aloe Blacc.

My concept for this video. Make it clean and well lit and then let them do their thing.  Performers like this do not need special effects.

They are the special effects.



Take a flip through my records.

Another video experiment exploring the amount of information that can be absorbed in the shortest possible time. Almost 600 vinyl record covers culled from my personal collection flashing by in just 20 seconds. I have received mixed feedback on this one. But I can’t help but feel this is the direction we are heading to in media.

Here are some tasty out takes from a great session.

The collected videos from this session are pushing 4 million views. I couldn’t resist putting together some gems that were left on the hard drive.

Bottoms up for Elliott.

I recently transferred the footage from my video for Elliott’s “Coming up Roses” video. I totally forgot about the dress, but I’ll never forget the good times we had.

I shot this video with my friends from Yo Gabba Gabba for Vans. Foofa got so rad.

I made a Brazilian psychedelic scored mini doc for Acura. Can’t say that everyday.

Aloe Blacc and I created this tribute to MJ.

A public service announcement from

Made this video mash up for Rayban with my friends @ Squeak E Clean.

This video Maya and I made really blew up.