Behind the Scenes of Muno x Vans.

Good times.

I shot and edited this vid with my friends from Yo Gabba Gabba. Toodee and Alex Knost are my fave surfers!

My friends at Yo Gabba asked me if I wanted to help re create the Lance Mountain Bones Brigade video part with Muno. Can you say dream gig?

After years of fanboy lurking. Someone finally asked me to make a hip hop video.

Shot some new vids for Yo Gabba Gabba. Stay tuned.

My one take shot for Mayer Hawthorne.

I think we ended up using the last take. The 15th I believe. The next day I flew to New York City and water was still coming out my ears. I heart my job.



Some snaps I took @ 10 10 10.

My other one take video for Mayer Hawthorne. I got less wet on this shoot.

I made a short video of my friend Edy for the Bicycle Film Fest.

My favorite video I have ever made. A sidewalk celebration of Joy Division in the service of selling Spas.